Avatar Ticket

A cloud streaming mobile and web app for people who can't attend live events & are dissatisfied with the current streaming solutions.

Client: VegaIT
Role: Product Design
Date: Mar. - Apr. 2022

Avatar Ticket provides the sensation of being in the crowds at the most spectacular events, using your mobile phone, VR, or browser. Compered to other streaming providers, it enables you to chat with avatars, choose which event perspective you want to see, and chat with the members of the community.

Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement information on this project is limited.

FOCUS 01 Scope & Discovery

As the project was so demanding we had multiple long sessions and workshops with the clients to get a better understanding of the project and its scope. For this, we used Miro writing down the most important features and future ones in the backlog, understandin what we need and how we would design and implement this.

This phase lasted about a week after which we started working on the userflow and wireframes.

FOCUS 02 User Interface

The basic functionality of the app is built around a user’s ability to watch streams all over the world. The absence of distractions, simple screen design, and thought-out typographic hierarchy make the content highly readable and allow using the app easily in any environment and on the go.

Basic functional buttons are placed at the bottom of the screen, which supports usability for users with big devices. Different swipe gestures allow a user to list through all of the current events. Core information such as dates, the words for the type of contet (football, basketball, etc.), are presented in the underneatch the thumbnail, supporting both efficient visual hierarchy of the layout elements.

User-friendly navigation, supported with good organization, will help users easily find what they are looking for. No ads, no complications, no extra copy.