A mobile app that helps people find second hand-fuel in a conscious and resourceful community. It provides a unique and innovative solution to buy and sell fuel between individuals.

Client: Allexx
Role: Creative Director & Product Design
Date: Dec 2020. - Dec 2022.

As the Creative Director and Lead Product Designer of the Allexx app, I had the privilege of spearheading a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way individuals connect to buy and sell fuel.

The mobile application offers a seamless and secure platform for users to engage in the exchange of fuel. Buyers benefit from purchasing fuel at a reduced cost, while sellers can tap into an additional source of income by reselling their unused fuel. The core idea behind Allexx is to foster collaboration and empower it’s users to be agents of change.

Security as a priority; In developing the Allexx app, the client recognized the legal landscape in the European Economic Area 🇪🇺, where free movement of goods, including fuels, is guaranteed. Leveraging this context, we designed the app to operate within the bounds of existing regulations.

We prioritized creating an easy-to-use interface that ensures a seamless experience for both buyers and sellers. Our robust security measures ensure that transactions are conducted safely, building trust within our community.

The app compensates for 50% of it's users emissions; Allexx has partnered with the myclimate program, and offers climate-neutral labeled fuel thanks to the support of 3 high-quality climate protection projects.

Due to a NDA information on this project is limited.