Life Cycle App

LISSA offers a comprehensive solution that effectively manages and keeps device-related processes organized and up-to-date for a diverse range of high-end clients.

Client: Cimet
Role: UX/UI Design
Date: Mar. - Sep. 2019

LISSA is an enterprise web application designed for and used by clients like Swarovski, UniCredit, IBM, and A1. It simplifies the life cycle management of technical devices within a company. With just one click, managers can easily swap devices or request repairs for the next phase of device usage.

LISSA streamlines the acquisition and management of mobile devices, especially with the shift from CAPEX to OPEX models like DaaS (Device as a Service). The platform offers a range of functionalities, including device swaps, repair orders, and lifecycle messaging. It saves valuable time for customers and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration by enabling work on all devices across the company.

Due to a NDA information on this project is limited.

This ongoing project allowed me to continually improve the application's accessibility, usability and overall user satisfaction.

Working closely with the Project Manager (PM), I collaborated to understand the client's requirements and translate them into intuitive and visually appealing design solutions. The PM guided me throughout the design process, providing valuable insights and direction to ensure that the application met the needs and expectations of the clients.

I conducted user research and gathered user feedback to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences, pain points, and behaviors. This information served as a foundation for making informed design decisions and creating a user-centric experience. I created wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs to demonstrate the proposed solutions and gather feedback from stakeholders.

I collaborated with developers and other team members to ensure smooth implementation of the designs and to address any technical considerations or constraints. Regular communication and close collaboration with the development team were crucial to ensure the successful realization of the design vision.