Catherine Nicola

A new visual identity and webstie for the experienced Parisian Architect & Interior Designer, Catherine Nicola.

Client: Catherine Nicola
Role: Branding, Web Design
Date: Apr. - May. 2021

For more than 25 years Catherine Nicola has been at the service of artistic creation (shops, hotels, restaurants) in the Paris.

Initially designer of ephemeral spaces, then artistic director within the most prestigious world agencies, she uses this range of know-how in architectural arrangement and furniture design. She invites you to enter the universe of her Interior gallery.

The main goals of Catherine Nicola were:
1. To be able to present her work to more and better-chosen clients, and have a bigger reach.
2. To be findable just by her name, and focus on her as a successful individual outside of her studio.

New goals, new Identity

Based on the history of work and her experience, in an interview, Catherine gave me the most important information which was my guide for the project.

What words would you use to define your work?
Sophistication with simplicity, refinement, devotion, empathy.

What are your key values?
Honesty, avant-garde, pioneer, quality.

Can you tell me more about your previous and potential clients?
My clients don’t know how to design the interior for their own spaces and are in a need of an experienced Architect / Interior designer. My target audience is mostly French (man and woman) who are overbooked by their work and therefore they want to delegate the tasks of interior design to someone they can trust.

What kind of visual identity would you say you are looking for?
A balanced and clean look. Mostly simple, linear, with an emphasis on the images of my work. For typography, I would like something elegant, artistic, classic but also a bit different.