Cimet decided to rebrand, and I helped with the design of the new website - creating the UI/UX, animations, interactions, and went through design sprints with the project manager. I guided the developers/designer through precise mockups with feedback and iterations.

Client: Cimet
Role: UX/UI Design
Date: Avg. - Oct. 2019

After the Art Direction was set, we began contemplating and designing the website according to concepts and references.The new design had a monumental impact on the business, leading to substantial financial growth and elevating the brand's professionalism to new heights.

The UI approach was characterized by a contemporary, predominantly flat, and professional design, featuring prominent headers to steer clear of a generic and overly plain appearance. Recognizing the issues with the previous complex and cluttered website, my primary emphasis was on simplifying the overall site while incorporating delightful interactions and a clean layout that directed user attention to one element at a time.